ETFs in Insurance General Accounts

Accepted for CFA® credit

A complimentary webinar for insurance investment professionals

While the use of ETFs by insurance companies declined by 24% to USD 36 billion in 2022, the vast majority of the decline was due to valuation changes. How has the bear market affected trading patterns and dynamics, and how are insurance companies using ETFs today?

Join our panel of industry leaders as we discuss findings from our eighth annual "ETFs in Insurance General Accounts" report and answer questions including:

  • What factors have driven ETF adoption among insurers in recent years?
  • How are ETFs being used today and how has their utility evolved over time?
  • What attributes are insurers looking for when choosing ETFs?
  • How can insurers increase the likelihood of an investment committee approving ETF usage?

Speakers include:

  • Lynn Bachstetter, Global Head of Cross Product Market Development, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Jeffrey Freeman, CFA, CFP, Regional Director, Vanguard
  • Jonathan Pace, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company
  • Raghu Ramachandran, Head of Insurance Asset Channel, S&P Dow Jones Indices


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