Are Active Funds More Likely to Outperform in a Volatile Market?

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Equity markets around the world have continued their rebound after the sharp drawdown in 2020. The S&P/ASX 200 has followed suit, posting a gain of 27.8% over the 12 months ending June 2021.

Did the volatility of this uncertain period give active funds a better shot at outperforming their benchmarks? And how have Australian active funds stacked up to their benchmarks over longer periods?

Priscilla Luk, author of S&P DJI's S&P Indices vs. Active (SPIVA®) Scorecard and Christian Beltrame, Director of RCB Advisors, will help answer these questions and discuss:

  • How Australian active funds have fared against their comparable benchmark indices over short- and long-term horizons
  • Whether the effectiveness of indexing differs in bull and bear markets
  • How advisors are using SPIVA research to inform portfolio allocation recommendations

Speakers include:

  • Priscilla Luk, Managing Director of Global Research & Design, APAC, S&P Dow Jones Indices
  • Christian Beltrame, Director, RCB Advisors
  • Shaun Wurzbach, Managing Director, Global Head of Wealth Management Channel, S&P Dow Jones Indices


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